Top 10 Remedies on How to Increase Blood Flow & Circulation in Legs

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Are you looking for a miracle cure to increase your blood flow and circulation? Sorry, but there’s no single circulation cure pill. If there was, this article would simple be titled the top 1 remedy for circulation…

Have you read the  top causes and symptoms of circulation issues? If not, I recommend you do so. This will provide you with a fantastic overview of the issue prior to continuing to the remedies.

If you’re reading this article, I assume you have some interest in how you can improve your blood flow. The majority of people seem to show signs and symptoms in their feet and legs first. This is because they are the farthest from our main pump (heart). We will be focusing on all natural and healthy alternative treatments in this article. Here at age healthily we do not believe in drug prescriptions at all for many treatments. Drugs introduce toxins to our body and throw out our cells equilibrium, which is important in the healing process.

The reason for this is that the human body possesses the most incredible ability of self healing. It’s resilient and persistent in its approach and ability to heal. Most diseases stem from our ability to continually abuse our body’s health. We open the door by neglecting our body of basic nutrient requirements to keep us healthy over the extended time.

An Alcoholic doesn’t get cirrhosis of the liver overnight, nor does an obese person get overweight with their first cup cake. It takes consistent neglect from our part in order for the body to finally give in. The good news is that most things are reversible all we have to do is know what to do!

The Cells amazing ability to heal

When we are conceived we start out as a single cell. This cell divides into many more cells until a baby is born. From our birth our cells are continually trying to bring us back into equilibrium or what is classed as homeostasis. Often we take toxins through drugs, alcohol, poor diets, stress, pollution which pulls our body out of homeostasis. This effects the body’s natural ability to heal.

If you continue to harm your body through these stressors if will make you more susceptible to diseases. We aren’t allowing our body to repair itself, we only get so many chances to reverse the slippery slope we put ourselves on.

We need to help our body’s cells regain equilibrium and help with increasing blood flow. This will allow the body’s system to start to heal from within. What we have done is come up with the top 10 natural remedies that can help you to kick start your circulatory system and help fight diseases.

In no particular order these are:

1. Ginger and Turmeric

Ginger has been a staple in Chinese and Indian medicine for thousands of years. It has enormous healing properties, with the main ones being improve circulation and also lower blood pressure. Ginger also can help with nausea and aids with digestion.

Ginger Tea Improve Circulation


Peel 1 thumb size piece of ginger

Cut into thin slices

Put into cup with boiling water (leave to seep for 5 mins)

add a squeeze of honey and lemon

Drink at the end of a hard day for a nice relaxing ginger infused hot drink

(I add a small cut birdseye chilli with the ginger for a little kick)


The compound Cucummin found within Turmeric is the real star! It helps with circulation enormously, reduces stress and reduces inflammation by increasing nitric oxide production. 

You may get enough of this in your varied diet. Most don’t, so a supplement with a high concentration of cucummin is recommended.

Most people can massively benefit from additional natural Ginger and Turmeric circulation supplements. .  

2. Massage:

Massages don’t just feel good, they have are extremely beneficial. We have two main systems, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. The Circulatory system is the transport system for oxygen and nutrients, while the lymphatic system removes the waste.

A quick overview of what the circulation and lymphatic systems are and do:

These two systems work together to help detoxify the body. As nutrient-rich blood travels from your heart through capillaries. In adjacent tissue cells, nutrients and wastes are exchanged. What occurs is, fluid taken from the blood, or lymph, transports waste to your lymph nodes where they filter wastes and return fluid to your bloodstream. When your circulatory systems isn’t working properly, your blood flow is impaired and your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood. This can cause health problems such as heart attack, stroke, eye disease, kidney disease, muscle pain, dementia, diabetes, influenza and cirrhosis, just to name a few.

By getting a massage it stimulates blood and lymph vessels which greatly improves circulation + waste drainage. Start with leg massage specifically a lymph drainage massage. The more often you can get this done the better, it’s also possible to do a lymph drainage massage yourself.

The best video explaining and showing how you can do this is here.

3. Exercise

We have all heard the benefits of consistent exercise. Get up and move more often to feel good. This helps with circulation & activating and using muscles help with lymphatic drainage. So not only moves blood more efficiently through the body, which gets oxygen and nutrients to the cells. But, it helps the body to flush out the toxins.

However, if you are more senior and vigorous exercise is too difficult you should try walking. But, if you can’t then you can try some of these exercises to help improve your circulation.

  • Ankle pumps, quadriceps sets, leg raises
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing / belly breathing
  • Hydrotherapy – The benefits of hot and cold treatment has gone back thousands of years, 20 – 30 mins of hydrotherapy twice per week followed by some ankle pumps, quadriceps sets, leg raisers will do wonders for your circulation especially when used in conjunction to other remedies

4. Hot / Cold Shower

Heat increases circulation by dilating blood capillaries. Due to this, we can take advantage of a hot / cold shower system to help our circulation.  If Heat dilates blood capillaries then cold must contract? Yes, correct.  However, this isn’t a bad thing when used appropriately.

What we recommend is by finishing each shower morning / night with 1 min of only cold water. What this does is makes the body go from dilated capillaries to slightly contracted capillaries. This creates a push motion within the vessels which pushes the blood flow more effectively. 

Get the benefit from this method as I mention all you do is finish each shower with 1 min of cold. Slowly, increase to 2 mins when you are more comfortable with this. The results will astound you!

5. Cayenne

The super compound found in Cayenne is Capsicum frutescence. This is a stimulating herb coming from the dried pods of chilli peppers. Today cayenne is used worldwide to treat a variety of health conditions, including poor Circulation, weak digestion, heart disease, chronic pain, sore throats, headaches and toothache.

Cayenne is the greatest herbal aid to circulation and can be used on a regular basis. Dr. Richard Schulze, the medical herbalist, says that “If you master only one herb in your life, master Cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other. We believe so, try it out and let us know how you went.

6. Hydrate

Hydrate for poor circulation

When we get older we seem to wake up more at night to go to the toilet. Due to this, we decrease our water intake. However, we have a significant amount of water in our blood and we need water to help flush toxins. So, we actually should be increasing our water intake, combining it with some other remedies such as massage / hydrotherapy, cayenne, ginger / turmeric and hot cold therapy. If we do this we can start removing the waste and improving the water saturation levels in our body. After the initial increase in toilet trips, you will start to go to the toilet much less frequently. If concerned increase your water intake prior to midday rather than later in the day.

People with leg or feet swelling think that more water will cause more swelling, this isn’t the case. The cause needs to be addressed which is solely lymphatic drainage and toxin built up. By focusing on lymphatic drainage you can reduce swelling greatly. To do this, water is needed to help the lymph system to pull waste out and get it processed by the kidneys.

7. Skin Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ and removes a lot of waste through our pores – if we brush the skin we can remove dead skin cells and this activates a rejuvenation process in our body which will then lead to increases in circulation. How to go about this is as follows:

How to Dry Brush Your Skin

  1. Undress and stand in either your shower or on a tiled surface. This will make clean up easier later.
  2. Using long sweeping motions, start brushing at your feet and move upwards. Make sure you brush over each area a few times and as a general rule of thumb, always brush towards your heart to aid in circulation and follow the natural flow of lymph.
  3. For more sensitive areas, take care not to brush too hard. With time and continued dry brushing, your skin will become less sensitive. Your dry brushing session should last between 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. After you’ve brushed your whole body, it’s time for a shower. To get your blood flowing and really promote circulation, alternate the temperature between hot and cold.
  5. After showering, make sure you moisturize. Coconut oil is a great choice for clearing and hydrating your skin, especially after dry brushing.
  6. Clean your brush every week with soap and water to keep it hygienic. Always let it air dry immediately after to prevent mildew or mould.

8. Ginkgo Bilbao

This is off a tree native to china and has been around for thousands of years. There’s a large range of benefits associated with Ginkgo Biloba. This super herb can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lots of antioxidants
  • Can increase circulation by as much as 12%
  • Can reduce anxiety and stress
  • Improve brain function

This helps stimulate blood vessels which helps with blood flow throughout the body. Try taking a natural supplement of this in the morning to stimulate and give you more energy.

9. Diet

Consuming a varied diet is important. Fried and greesy foods can clog up arteries and make us overweight. Because of this, it then puts pressure on our cardiovascular system. Preparation is the key to eating healthy. By being prepared you can stop yourself from whim indulges.

Also, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that our circulation can be improved by concentrating our efforts to making meals that have high concentrations of circulation boosting super foods. Subscribe to receive our top 10 circulation boosting meal recipes!

10. Circulation Boosters / CVT

There are a lot of companies out there that claim to boost circulation with their “circulation boosters”.

Unfortunately many are just gimmicks and just because they are stated as a medical product doesn’t mean it does what it claims to do. From the very basic TENS machine to Cycloid Vibration Technology they are very different and for obvious reasons very different in price. CVT has been proven to stimulate both the circulatory and lymphatic system. Due to this is fantastic for people with poor blood circulation and diabetes as it can assist with wound recovery and ensure your body can start to process waste.

The basic circulation booster I recommend for the cheaper alternative is Revitive and for the best treatment that trumps all is Niagara Therapy’s equipment. 

Now that you have seen our top 10 remedies you will notice that all are natural. I would love to hear your thoughts on this article and if you have tried any of these treatments and share your experiences. Just remember that just 1 by itself isn’t enough, and everyone reacts differently to treatments so it’s up to you in order to find the best for your body’s health.

To Good Health and Good Living!

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