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Make a Difference

Here at Age Healthily we want to make a difference in the world. Our GOAL is to ensure you have the right information and education about a range of aging healthily ideas. We focus on natural remedies and treatments which will allow you to live your best life. Our Blog articles and website is designed for anyone that wants to learn how you can maintain good health. However we do specifically have a large focus on the over 55 area of health and concerns that affect you in your golden years


We have a simple philosophy here at Age Healthily. That's to maintain a peaceful mind and spirit, which we believe is the foundation of a strong person. You don't have to be perfect, and that's perfectly OK. This life isn't a trial run so we are here to help you live your best life. What you achieve, accomplish and love in the present is what truly matters. We want to help you to love yourself. That's the first step to having healthy relationships in life. Focus on the here, Focus on the Now, Focus on you!

What you can expect from us

What you can expect from us here at age healthily is 3-4 blog posts per week which we will be focusing on a range of health topics. These will help you either identify symptoms, causes & then help you with natural treatments. We send a weekly and monthly newsletter and also will occasionally email you with offers for some of the products we recommend. We love feedback and feel free to email us on theteam@agehealthily.com with any questions or if you want us to write about a certain subject we can definitely look at your request. Live healthier!

Our Story

Who am I?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew, i’m extremely passionate about helping people.

I started Age Healthily after many years of seeing family deteriorate over their golden years.  One grandfather dying of Cancer, the other in a nursing home with dementia.  

With many others I call friends who are in a state of existence rather than really living. Having been working with medical therapy and helping 1 person at a time, I thought it was time for me to move my passion to help ppl to a larger audience. 

I will share my experiences, my opinions and the opinions and experiences of others who have been through or have some value to provide to others who are looking at living their best life.

Take Time For Yourself!

Throughout our lives we get so caught up in the grind of life.

We often forget to take time for ourselves and the ones who care about us the most. Time out for ourselves isn’t just reading a book, it’s investing in your health so you can enjoy your future. I once heard a saying “To get rich and sick is stupid” now i’m not saying everyone needs to get rich, however by focusing on the wrong aspects we can’t truly live a life that we can honestly be happy with when our expiration date is up.

I want to help you not only with education & information on healthy living aspects but to be here as a source of inspiration for when you aren’t having the best of days.

Keep chipping away, stay positive & we will live our best lives together!